Advance planning is not a mystery – it’s not a death wish either.  Advance planning is simply organizing your personal information so that your family, doctor, or your appointed guardian can access it to make important decisions on your behalf.

Advance planning is about giving your family instructions and permission to follow your wishes. Without highlighting your life story and sharing what’s important to you – and how you want to be remembered – places a burden on the family.  At death, loved ones are left doubting and struggling making decisions on your behalf, therefore, causing emotional overspending on funeral services.  Without instructions, more often than not, families are left with the unspoken feeling of “Did we do the right thing?”

…because God has pre-arranged humanity

Scattering Ashes
dePart With Dignity is…
About You -Your Life -Your Story
About having the Conversation
About Organizing Wishes and Personal Information
About having Your Funeral Arrangements in place
About allowing to Honor Your Life and Celebrate Memories
About Being Prepared for the Unexpected
…because end of life decisions shouldn’t be made at the end of life

Family left behind matters!  You may feel having a memorial service seems like insignificant ceremonies, in reality, they’re important to those left behind. To your family, you matter, you are important. Think back about the days, when as a young parent or grandparent, how many times you held and comforted your loved ones when sick or hurt.  When they sat on your lap and you sang to them, when you made them smile, giggle, and laugh. Precious memories you experienced together and have treasured all the days of your life.

Memorial services are exactly that.  To enable loved ones to honor your life and cherish special moments and memories they hold dear.  One final time – your family and loved ones, in their private memories of you, will remember and feel the comfort of your warm hugs, hear your caring voice and feel your hand in theirs.  In their pain, their grieving, and sadness, one final time – even in death, you can bring comfort and give them strength to carry on.  Allow them to honor the person who gave them life, on perhaps one of their most difficult days in their lives.

Complete My Wishes form to organize your information and to choose the funeral home and services of your choice.  Thank You.